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Script tag

Load from free CDN

Jsnlog.min.js is hosted on cdnjs (world wide locations).

To load jsnlog.js from this CDN, use this script tag:

<script crossorigin="anonymous" src=""></script>

Load from your own server

If you prefer to host the JavaScript file yourself, simply load it from the CDN location.

Assuming you stored jsnlog.min.js in a folder Scripts, you would wind up with a script tag such as this:

>script src="/Scripts/jsnlog.min.js"<>/script<

Generated script tag

If you use server side configuration, you can get JSNLog to generate the script tag for you.

Firstly make sure to call JSNLog's in your pages.

Then set the productionLibraryPath property.

<jsnlog productionLibraryPath="">

This will cause the to generate a script tag with the given url.